Sunday, 20 April 2014

Something about 'Torrid' - A NARS Product Review

I am going to hold my hands up here, and say that I had never heard of the make-up brand NARS until about a year ago when I first started obsessively watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs. I kept reading about their products and all of them sounded luxurious and gorgeous, I just had to give them a go!

Needless to say, I could not wait to purchase their Creamy Concealer and the infamous Sheer Glow Foundation, both of which have now firmly secured a place in my make-up collection. As you can imagine, it came as no surprise that I found myself heading straight to the NARS counter on a recent shopping trip, to potentially find my next ‘new favourite’.

I knew I wanted a coral blusher, and after looking at a few suggested by the assistant, I decided to buy a powder blush in the shade ‘Torrid’.

This blush is incredible and exactly what I was asking for! I am really annoyed at the picture because it really does not do the pigmentation in the pan justice. In the image, it looks really pink, but I can assure you it is the perfect mix of warm pink and orange tones. Initially, I was not so sure about the blush when the assistant pointed it out to me as it seemed to be quite glittery, here are specks of gold visible throughout the blush. But, when applied to the skin the glitter blends beautifully and is hardly noticeable, creating a gorgeous flush of colour. I was surprised to find that it applies quite sheer, but the colour is easily buildable and the blush is very buttery which makes blending a breeze.

I have tried this blush with a variety of looks; simple day time, evening makeup and even with a bold lip. I have to say that the blush really worked with all of these looks, but I particularly enjoyed it when matched with simple winged liner, and a bold fuchsia lip.

Torrid’ has now become my staple blush, and I have used it every day since I purchased it three weeks ago. I would really recommend it if your stash is missing a coral blush (or even if it’s not!)

Have you tried any NARS blushes? Which shades are your favourite?


  1. I was pretty late to knowing about NARS! and this sure sounds lovely but sadly, no I haven't tried any of their products just yet!


    1. You have to try them, they are gorgeous!