Monday, 3 February 2014

1st Blog Confessions

It seems only apt that I begin my first blog post with a confession.

My name is Hollie, and I... am a nail biter.

Phew, that feels better, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know it’s disgusting, I know it’s unhealthy and it has caused havoc on my nails for most of my life (or at least since the time I started noticing things like how my nails look). But, I just can’t help it!

I am a nervous biter. Whenever I am in a stressful or new situation – one minute the nails are there, long and perfectly filed, and the next I’m cowering in the corner chewing on my little pinky.

This all changed however, in the summer of 2012. One of my best friend’s wedding was approaching fast and I was finding myself having yet another argument with my nails. They were flaky, weak and whenever I painted them I was guaranteed chips within about 30 minutes. I reached for my phone and entered the ‘no-going-back’ phrase ‘Acrylic nails Reading’ into the Google search bar. All reservations of making the situation worse with chemicals and filing were ignored in my spat of desperation.

Thankfully, after filtering a few dodgy looking links, I hit on a small salon in the centre of Reading, who were offering ‘Bio-Sculpture Gel’. I rang the salon and within half an hour I was sitting in a chair, having my nail routine changed forever.

Bio-Sculpture advertises itself as the ‘original gel nail colour’. The application involves minimal buffing and filing, which was a massive draw for me. My nails were weak enough – I didn’t need them to be made any thinner. The colour is applied using a brush, and is set under UV lamps.

I have well and truly fallen in love. Each month I still feel a pang of excitement when I know I can choose a new colour. There are around 150 available in total, in a range of light, dark, shimmer and glitter shades. My favourites being 157, ‘Elizabeth’ and 168, ‘Gilded Reflection’.  

I now get my nails soaked off and re-applied once every 4 weeks, and I find that the colour does not fade or stain. Neither does the colour chip. EVER.

It does however, peel. This can be minimised by making sure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying cream products (such as body butters) and cleaning using rubber gloves. It also helps if you leave it alone and do not pick (this I am not so good at – the nail biting habit will never leave me I guess).

And the condition of those flaky, bendy, weak nails now I hear you cry?!

Well, I have been having Bio-Sculpture on my nails every month for the past year and a half and.... my nails have never been healthier. If I do have a colour peel off, the nail underneath rarely breaks, and I am able to keep them at the same length until my next appointment.

The only down side.... it’s pretty pricey.

Ah well, I figure I am saving money on nail varnishes which I now do not need.

Plus....who needs heating anyway, right??

Bio-Sculpture Website:

Nail Salon in Reading, some seriously lovely ladies!

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  1. Pricey maybe, but so pretty! And, at the risk of sounding like a Loreal cliche, you're worth it! x