Sunday, 9 February 2014

Butter... of the Body Variety.

The Body Shop’s Body Butters - one of my first beauty loves!
When I was a lowly, poor, 18 year old student, this was my splurge product. I was completely sucked in by the colourful packaging, fruity scents and insane moisturising power. And, although now I am perhaps not quite as poor, this still remains a beauty staple.

There is a Body Butter to cater for every taste imaginable, it is available to purchase in around 19 different varieties. Coconut (my first purchase), chocolate, olive, strawberry, and even Japanese cherry blossom! You can also buy coconut ‘shimmer’. A Body Butter with all the moisturising benefits, with just the right hint of sparkle. This one was very popular for me during my ‘clubbing-twice-a-week’ student days (although make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after – imagine a fake tan disaster but with glitter).  

My favourite all time Body Butter is the Pink Grapefruit. I am just obsessed with the scent! My Body Butter sits next to me on my bedside table, mainly so I remember to apply, and I often find myself just picking it up and taking a good whiff, sending me into bliss!

Due to the product’s powerful moisturising skills, I would recommend leaving the product to sink in before putting on clothes (particularly jeans). If you don’t, you may find yourself in an argument with your skinnies, not seen since leggings became acceptable to wear outside of the gym!

I received my most recent Body Butter as a Christmas gift, along with the shower gel (Thank you Mum and Nanny). Since then, they have changed the image on the packaging. To be honest, I am not too sure about this alteration. It is simpler (which I like) and the image depicts the skin of the grapefruit, but to me it just looks like a pink ball.

However, who cares about the packaging, or that it needs soaking in?! This product is just too good to miss! Unbelievably moisturising and I find the feeling lasts all day!

P.S. I visited The Body Shop in Reading yesterday (in the name of research) and saw that there is currently a deal on Body Butters and Scrubs (an equally brilliant product). You can buy the butter and the scrub for £16 – or 2 butters or 2 scrubs if that’s what you would prefer. Considering the butter alone normally retails for £13 this is an un-missable deal.

I also noticed there is a range of body mists and perfumes, also in the matching scents! Every product to satisfy my ‘Pink Grapefruit’ obsession!

Are you listening Father Christmas?!  ;-)

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